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We are currently expanding and adding more into our services. You may have known us for our contracting and excavaction services which dealt with mainly proofing homes. We have had much success in delivering water proofing many homes throughout the state.

With much request, another service that we will be providing are pest control services. With over 25 years of experience, we noticed that many of the homes we have inspected in the past did not pass pest inspections. We are making it our duty to fully provide practical services for homeowners. We want to keep striving for customer satisfaction and we hope that our new services help fulfil that.

Referrals have been the lifeblood of our business. We appreciate if you would share this information with anyone who may need our service.

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How much do pest services cost?

Pest control is very vital in that it helps in terminating, controlling and eradicating pests. Home owners are advised to carry out a pest inspection to ensure their new home is not pest infested with bed bugs, termites, or rodents. However, only a few premises owners take this advice seriously. Home inspection experts basically check the foundation of a home. Home inspection ensures there is no wood in contact with the soil. Woods that are in contact with the soil are prone to termites, insects, and organisms such as leaks, mold and wood among others. This procedure is vital in that a person should choose a reputable pest service provider. Hiring the best pest control Sacramento agency helps get an accurate diagnosis and treatment method if there are pests.

Inspection cost

There is no specific answer to this question. There are many factors that influence the amount of money a person will pay. This ranges from the agency you select, the surface area of your premises and the period of time you would like the pest inspection to be carried out. Sacramento pest inspection agencies charge different prices. As a result, homeowners should take their time in selecting a service provider. Termites and other pests don’t respect boundaries. They can crawl through the woods and damage plasterboard, electrical insulation and interior timber outfits among others. This can be quite costly in the long run if the pests are not diagnosed early. This brings us to the question, why is a pest inspection vital? Here are some reasons homeowners should consider a pest inspection:

  • First, it checks out if there are any woods attached to the soil.
  • Secondly, it helps to check out if there are any termites or pests. This is in terms of their intensity and the right treatment procedure to use.
  • Establish if there are some home fittings that need to be replaced.

The best pest control Sacramento experts advise homeowners to have their premises checked at least twice a year.

Treatment cost

There are many treatment options a person can choose from. There are certain factors that influence the kind of treatment a Sacramento homeowner will choose. They range from the selected treatment method of the selected agency preference to a person’s budget among others. Treatment methods vary in prices. A person should choose a method he/she can comfortably afford. Alternatively, a person can subscribe to treatment plans. There are some pest control agencies that offer plans such as Sweda. These plans include pest control inspection and treatment. Sweda’s plans are quite affordable compared to hiring a service provider for one task. Let us shift our gears and look at some damaging effects of pests. As earlier stated, pests can ruin the structure of the house. Pests can make a person incur high repair fees. In addition to this, pests can cause allergic reactions. There are some people who are allergic to molds and fungi. Pests can corrupt your indoor air. This is one reason why people should regularly contact a pest control agent to check out for pests. Save a lot today by contacting your selected service provider.